Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bulkhead Replacement

Well, Today I got down to the dirty work and finally got the nav station bulkhead removed. What a mess. So tomorrow we pick up the new teak to replace the bulkhead and seal the ends before sanding and varnishing and installing it. All the rest of the teak trim is sitting downstairs awaiting a new finish. Here's a couple pics of the before and mid-stream of this project. This was a much bigger job than I thought.
The cushions have all been re-upholstered and look beautiful. A very nice royal blue colour. That should bring out the colour of the re-finished teak.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coming Home - Cape Cod to Nova Scotia

Our four crew members, Don, Dave, Jan & I made the trip from Cape Cod Canal to Shelburne, NS in 42 hours. A highlight was passing through the Cape Cod Canal at nearly 12 knots. At the entrance our plotter was showing a steady 10.3kn. Here's a few pics of our crew on our first adventure.

Our Brand New Engine

After a lot of delay Wind Warrior finally received her brand new Yanmar. It took a couple days to complete but now everythings up and running well.