Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 24th, 2015 - Treasure Cay Bahamas

This year started off with a very cold week in Green Cove Springs. It actually snowed in Jacksonville one day and the kids were throwing snow balls at each other.
We arrived at Wind Warrior on January 6th and uncovered her. She fared quite well after sitting out in the blazing summer sun. The black sun cover we put over her seemed to protect the decks very well. However, there was a lot of green algae and stuff all over the upper decks. We purchased a small pressure washer and that cleaned her up in no time.

The inside of the boat fared out really well with absolutely no foul growth inside. The little bit of mildew on the cabin roof was easily removed with Fantastic.
January 7th was launch day. It was cold and windy. Jan & I spent the whole afternoon cleaning up the inside of the boat and getting the systems up and running once again. The only problem was one toilet not working but after taking it all apart it is now as good as new,

Wind Warrior sat at the dock and looked a mess. The next day we rented a cube van and brought everything back to the boat from our storage unit……. But at least she was afloat again.

A hard week went by putting everything back together and replenishing the stores and water so that we could start our trip down the ICW on our 5 day trek to Lake Worth to await a window for crossing the Gulf Stream. The trip took us up to Jacksonville, where we fueled up followed by stops at St. Augustine, Daytona, Coco Village, Vero Beach and Riviera Beach where we anchored for a night before crossing to the Bahamas in the morning.
The crossing was magnificent. Our friends Lane & Tina accompanied us on board their new boat. This was their first crossing and we were hoping for a calm one.

We passed a number of ships plying the Stream. The weather was perfect.

On Wednesday Jan 21st , 2015 we arrived in West End on Grand Bahama Island and cleared customs at the Old Bahama Bay Resort & Marina. Everyone hoisted their Quarantine flags before clearing customs, later to be replaced by the Bahamas courtesy flag.


It didn’t long for Tina & Molly to head for the warm Bahamian water.

Is this a happy face or what as Tina samples her first Bahama Mama at the beach bar.

The next morning it was again time to head out of West End and through Indian Rock channel for the 50 mile run up to Great Sale Cay where we would spend the night at anchor before heading off in the morning towards Green Turtle Cay. Unfortunately, the tide was at dead low by the time we arrived at 4:30pm and we could not enter White Sound so the decision was made to continue on around Whale Cay (The dreaded Whale) and on to Treasure Cay Marina for the night. We’ve been in there before a few times but this was to be our first time entering in the dark. As it turned out, most of the “lighted navaids” were NOT lit so it was a very dark passage for a mile or so around the entrance shoal and on up the channel to the marina. All was secured by 7:30pm and a well deserved drink of rum was in order.
Saturday afternoon brought one of those dreaded cold fronts with extremely high winds and heavy rain to our area so we decided to remain at the dock.
Today is Sunday January 25th and the weather is beautiful…. FINALLY !! Jan & I walked over to Treasure Cay Beach and spent the day relaxing in the hot sun and admiring the absolutely tranquil waters and soft sand.

Unfortunately, our friends Lane & Tina had a minor incident with their boat and had to remain in Green Turtle Cay. We saved them a couple beach chairs for the day. They were missed.
After a late afternoon lunch at the Coco Beach Bar it was more relaxing…. Well it actually looked more like sleeping…. before heading back across the street to Wind Warrior.

Upon arriving at the boat we spotted this little guy munching on some growth on the piling at the end of our dock.

Tonight we are blessed with this absolutely beautiful Bahamas sunset. We feel so fortunate to be here again.
Tomorrow is the next day in the rest of our lives.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Boat pic - gcs

Hi again,
Here' a photo of Wind Warrior as she emerged from the storage yard to the launching ramp at Green Cove Springs. She looks kind of big compaired to the cars etc in front of her.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


So, another Christmas season has come and gone. The beautiful tree that we cut down and so nicely decorated has been "disassembled" and everything put away for another year.
It's time to start preparing to head down south again.
Members at the Dartmouth Yacht Club, our home club, organized a beautiful "Pub Night" over Christmas that was well attended (after I took this picture). The band was great and everyone had a great time.

These two feisty lobsters we well enjoyed by Ron and Shae-Lynn on Christmas eve.

Our friends Lane & Tina have left Nova Scotia and are now in Florida waiting for us to arrive on Tuesday before we all head south to enjoy the Bahamas for the winter.
In the mean time, Kelly and Ryan are snuggled in here, the snow blower is fixed, and it's up to Frosty to help stand guard for the winter.
It snowed last night which makes our trip down to the boat feel all the better.

Hope you all had a very "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year 2015".
See you in the Bahamas!!
Ron & Jan