Friday, September 27, 2013

We're in Chesapeake City in the C&D Canal

Hi Everyone, we've covered a lot of mileage in the past 3 days from NYC to Barnegat Light Harbour, NJ to Cape May, NJ. We left there this morning with a huge swell until after we got around the corner and into Delaware Bay. We caught the current just right and were propelled up the C&D Canal at a measly 8.5 knots until the brakes were slammed on when we made the entrance down to 5.5 knots. After about 20 minutes the current changed and we arrived at Chesapeake City at 4:30pm.

Tonight, it's beautifully calm and warm. We plan on staying here tomorrow for a well deserved rest.

Monday, September 9, 2013

We're in Yarmouth

We finally made it to Yarmouth at 3pm this afternoon after a 9 hour trip around from Shelburne. We had the tide pushing us along and topped out at 9.8 knots when passing around the bottom end of Cape Sable Island.

I haven't started up the blog yet as we are having some very long days and by the time we do get in and eat supper it's late and if we're heading out really early in the morning I don't feel like sitting around typing up a blog....... So these emails will just have to do for now.

Everything seems to be working well on the boat so far so let's just keep on praying. The 15 foot drop in the tide here in Yarmouth is kind of awesome top see as the gangway up to the shore has steps on it and not just a ramp.

Sooooooo.... tomorrow we're hoping for a chance to head out for Maine at 4am and with decent weather we should be into Swan Island anchorage by 7pm tomorrow night before dark. We don't want to mess with the lobster pots after dark.

So, if you don't hear from us for a couple days it means that we've left and have no internet service.
I'll let you know when I start up the blog again. In the meantime you can track us on and type in Wind Warrior in the ship search box to zoom in on us. It's a real good site.

See you in Maine

Friday, September 6, 2013

Damn Weather

Man, talk about frustrating...... We battle our way down here to Shelburne just to have all the weather windows close for a week. We arrived here today about 3:30pm and are at a dock at the yacht club along with 54 other boats waiting for weather.

We wanted to head to Yarmouth tomorrow but the forecast now is for 2 meter swells and 30-35 knots of wind so I guess we have to stay put.

So, here stay and play the waiting game with everyone else.

Let's hope that things clear up for us.

Wind Warrior Update

We're leaving Liverpool this morning and should be in Shelburne by this afternoon with light seas. Unlike the 40 knot squall we go into yesterday for the last 2 hours of the day.

The AIS may or may not work. It doesn't seem to be transmitting so you probably can't track us.
Everything else seems to be working great on the boat.

Pray for light winds so we can get across.

Monday, September 2, 2013


That's right, we haven't left yet. The boat is all ready and we moved our clothes onto her today.
She's fueled, all new filters and anodes, full of fresh water, loaded with groceries and spares for everything. 

Tomorrow it's the fridge stuff and the freezer stuff......... then we wait some more.The plan as of tonight is to try to leave around noon on Wed after this storm passes through. Maybe we can get to Rogues Roost on Wed then on to Liverpool on Thurs and Shelburne on Friday. Tomorrow the forecast is for  seas of 2 meters increasing to 3 meters....... not for us thanks! It's suppose to start dying down on Wed morning.

At least that'll get us down to Shelburne for jumping off to the States.
So far Wind Guru is telling us that Monday and Tuesday will be good for crossing. CROSS YOUR FINGERS !!

That's our latest update. Everyone asks why we aren't gone yet...... well, you wouldn't take your boat out in 2-3 meter seas so why should we?