Friday, August 27, 2010

"Our Cape Breton Cruise"

We spent most of the month of August on a cruise to Cape Breton Island and ejoyed the Bras D'or Lakes. The swimming at Clark Cove was exceptional with 80 degree water.
Our trip up the Eastern shore was very picturesque as we following the well marked inshore route for a good portion of the trip and stopping at Shelter Cove, Liscombe, and Port Howe enroute to St. Peter's Canal via Canso. What a shock we got when crossing the Chedabucto Bay in 25 knot winds and 7 ft seas that made things a little tricky.
Our 2 weeks in the lakes were extremely enjoyable with fantastic weather and warm waters. We visited such places as Clark Cove, Marble Mountain, Little Harbour Baddeck, and Seal Island before leaving the Lakes to the north for a weekend visit to Sydney. Boy did I calculate the tides wrong. Did you know that running the engine at 3000 RPM against a current caused by the entire Atlantic Ocean trying to flood the Lakes will only get you about 1 knot in the vicinity of Big Bras D'or? That's right.... it took us an hour to pass through the 1 mile narrows.
Sydney was very relaxing..... and what a site to see the giant fiddle on the Cruise ship dock. How Cape Breton can you get?
After a nice weekend at the Royal CB Yacht Club we made the run back into the Lakes and hit the incoming tide just right..... 9.5 knots in the right direction this time.
A few more lovely anchorages found us again at St. Peters Marina to re-suppy and fuel up for our trip home.
Four days of Easterly winds and high seas brought us back to Halifax to end a wonderful cruise with friends Don & Heather of Meridian.

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