Sunday, January 1, 2012


I believe the song goes "Well our bags are packed and we're ready to go........"
Actually, one bag is packed.... full of boat stuff, so we can get things up and running again.
We have our new WIFI antenna (which looks like a big stick of dynamite with a long wire coming out of it, so that should be fun with Homeland Security :( )........ two new thermostats for the fridge, so we know that nothing will ever go wrong with it again since we have a spare, numerous fittings for water tanks, solar panel installation, stainless U-bolts, etc and for the cockpit..... 2 sets of solar powered Christmas lights and two solar powered spotlights.
At least we'll be well lit up.
After hours of research and discussion, we've realized that the entire power problem on the boat has probably been a result of us closing a cupboard door where the fridge compressor is located. Who knew that you need to have a lot of fresh air passing over it to keep it cooled down. As the book says "If you don't have a good air flow, the compressor will warm up and won't shut off...... BINGO!! Hope that's the problem !! Why on earth would the past owner of the boat write on the inside of the door...."Keep open when fridge operating"......... Now we know.
We have the diver set up to clear off 6 weeks worth of barnacles that have grown on the hull from sitting still.
So....."With one bag packed and three more to go", we're ready to leave on Thursday morning to return to Wind Warrior and continue with our journey.
The plan is to spend the week getting the boat up and running again so we can head back to Miami and join the other Halifax area boats,.... wait for good weather to cross, then head out for the Bahamas and land in Bimini.
Failing to find Bimini, I guess we'll see you somewhere on the other side of the ocean in about 6 months (hahaha).
Hope everyone had a nice and safe Happy New Year, 2012

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  1. who would have known, why would the builder put a compressor in a closed area dah!!

    Love Tina and Lane