Friday, December 21, 2012


November came and went but we couldn't let it go until we journeyed off on our yearly trek to Barbados. As usual the weather was perfect, but a little hotter than normal, which made for a very relaxing vacation. The usual gang had arrived and this year my sisters Kathy & Deb, niece Tracy and Brother in Law Bob also joined us. As you can see, although the complex was sold out, there still didn't seem to be many people there.
This year was special as the Barbados Tourism Association as well as our favourite hotel, Rostrevor Hotel where we always stay recognized us for making over 25 visits to the island. The BTA took us and two other couples out for a delicious lunch and presented us with beautiful plaques and certificates.
It was great to see longtime friends Wallie & Helen who have been visiting Barbados for 49 years and Norm & Betty who arrived after missing last year.
On our last day in Barbados, Robin, the manager surprised us with having Freddie place our name over our door in commemoration of our 25th year of visiting with them. Jan was so overjoyed she burst out yelling then crying in joy. This was a very special moment for us.
So, with our bags packed and our storage boxes loaded to remain there until next year we set off for home to prepare for Christmas.
Our next journey takes back to the Bahamas on Jan 8th, 2013 when we fly down to West Palm Beach to join Peter & Franz in taking their 40 foot trawler "CASTELLO" to the Abacos, in the Bahamas. Man, this retirement thing is terrible! We're all really looking forward to seeing them again.
All the best in the new year....... if the world doesn't end today!

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