Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We're Off Again

Well, this past year has certainly flown by. Wind Warrior is in better shape now than the last time we went to the Bahamas. All the work is opretty well done now and today , after installing the new windows, we started moving things onto the boat. The plan is to leave DYC early Saturday morning (7am) and arrive in Shelburne on Sunday where we'll wait out  a storm that is forecast in the Gulf of Maine on Monday. On Tuesday the wind is forecast to shift to the north and diminish to light making for a comfortable motor over the 280 nautical miles to Cape Cod. We hope to arrive there sometime on Wednesday evening.

Kelly and Ryan will be living in our house for the winter once again.

We plan to keep up a blog again and my brother Ed has promised to help with the posts and the map, which was a hit.

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