Monday, September 9, 2013

We're in Yarmouth

We finally made it to Yarmouth at 3pm this afternoon after a 9 hour trip around from Shelburne. We had the tide pushing us along and topped out at 9.8 knots when passing around the bottom end of Cape Sable Island.

I haven't started up the blog yet as we are having some very long days and by the time we do get in and eat supper it's late and if we're heading out really early in the morning I don't feel like sitting around typing up a blog....... So these emails will just have to do for now.

Everything seems to be working well on the boat so far so let's just keep on praying. The 15 foot drop in the tide here in Yarmouth is kind of awesome top see as the gangway up to the shore has steps on it and not just a ramp.

Sooooooo.... tomorrow we're hoping for a chance to head out for Maine at 4am and with decent weather we should be into Swan Island anchorage by 7pm tomorrow night before dark. We don't want to mess with the lobster pots after dark.

So, if you don't hear from us for a couple days it means that we've left and have no internet service.
I'll let you know when I start up the blog again. In the meantime you can track us on and type in Wind Warrior in the ship search box to zoom in on us. It's a real good site.

See you in Maine

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