Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chesapeake City to Norfolk, Va.

Chesapeake City, as usual is one of our favourite stops. The quaint little town offers all the hospitality you would ever want. It comes with free dockage for transients and a very quiet anchorage for the overflow.
We spent two days there before heading down the Chesapeake Bay towards Annapolis and on down to Norfolk, Va.
The Chesapeake Bay lighthouses are very unique as you can see. 

I guess that when you gotta , you gotta go! Man, it's quite a drop when you flush. Hope the "thinking room" doesn't fall off when occupied.
Our trip down the bay took us to Rhode River where we had a beautifully protected anchorage for the night before heading to Deltaville, Va, This is a well protected anchorage with a very "cost effective" boat yard at the Deltaville Boating Center.

Summer has definitely arrived down here. The temperature is now steadily near 80F and the seas in the lower Chesapeake are calm and friendly as we approach Norfolk, Va.

I guess it's the same anywhere you go....... you're always going to get the inconsiderate boater who throws up a huge wake as they pass closely to your boat, This guy was pushing 60 feet in length and the wake was around 4 feet as it hit out boat. Thanks for slowing down guy!
Meanwhile, back in Norfolk, the first thing you see is the gigantic US Navy yard upon entering the Elizabeth River. You start out seeing the gigantic aircraft carriers and continue on to the missile cruisers, destroyers, and every other type of naval vessel known to man..... except submarines...... they're hiding somewhere else.

Some folks will just park anywhere..... or at any yacht club.
The battleship USS Wisconsin with all it's armourment remains on the Norfolk waterfront and can be toured for a nominal fee. Boy is that thing wide. The front end is as sharp as a knife.

This guy passed by the boat at our anchorage clearly showing all the advantages of safe boating.
Actually he was out to promote a ghost tales cruise of the harbor and drumming up potential
The Norfolk waterfront is very pretty at night.

Tomorrow it's off again down through the Dismal Swamp Canal, Turners Cut and on to Elizabeth City before crossing the Albermarle Sound and entering the Alligator River.

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