Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cruising 2014/2015 is Over

Well, this cruising year has come to an end. Wind Warrior 1 is nicely tucked away on the hard at Green Cove Springs Marina with her black sun shade over her. It really does keep the decks and the inside of the boat cooler.
Her bottom came out clean after making the fifty mile trip up the fresh water St. John's River to Green Cove Springs. A quick pressure wash and she was done.
We've had a pleasant couple of days in the pool at our hotel waiting for our flight home.
So here we sit in Jacksonville Intl Airport passing some time.
Our flights go from JAX to Miami to Toronto to Halifax, arriving after midnight tonight so it's going to be a long day.
This winter was well worth the trip.
Some of the highlights were the incredibly clear waters.

My sister Deb & Bob arriving in March

The new people we met.
And the many sunsets we enjoyed......... among the many thousands of other fantastic times.
The trip is over but it's only a short six months until it all starts over again. These experiences will never leave us.
See you all next year.
Ron & Jan

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