Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No More Brute Power

These past couple of weeks, as time nears for our departure, Wind Warrior has received a couple new gifts. I've installed a new Anchorlift Anchor Windlass to replace the old manual windlass and followed that up with a new deck washdown pump for keeping the chain free of mud as it is hauled up. So that's the end of me hauling up a 45 pound anchor by hand. It works great and brings up the anchor at a rate of 3.5 feet per sec. I installed two foot switches on the deck just beside the windlass...... one for up and one for down. The anchor chain wll also free-fall when I release the break. The 45 pound anchor and 200 feet of 3/8" chain will certainly hold the boat safely.
Not just a matter of installing the motor...... I also had to install a battery and box up in the anchor locker near the motor so that I didn't have to spend $600 on battery cables up from the back of the boat. Everything is fiberglassed into the hull so nothing is going to move when the boat heels over.

We've completed obtaining all our charts and the new liferaft arrived last week.

Now to my next project........ the volume knob on the stereo is acting up....Hehehehe

Everything is going very well and finally coming together.

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