Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Countdown Continues

Well, time is sure flying by. With only a week to go before we leave for the Bahamas the list of things on the "to-do list" is very quickly dwindling. Starting Monday we start stocking things up and tying up any loose ends. The Insurances, the boat survey, the construction and the re-wiring so as to comply with everyones regulations. We've also been in contact with US Homeland Security about reporting procedures and paying for their "DAYCAL"

This week we created storage areas under berths, wired all the navigation lights. Received our emergency beacon, and replaced our 35 pound CQR anchor with a 45 pound Bruce anchor that will certainly hold us in a storm, and a whole lot more. The stainless steel plate under the chain should protect the deck from dropping a raising 200 feet of anchor rode. ''The last item we "created" was a small boom for raising the outboard motor from the tender. It can also be used to assist a person back on bard from a man-overboard situation.

Here's a few pics of the things we accomplished.

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  1. Dear Ron & Jan:
    Your blog is great! Thanks for the read. Hope to follow along with Grumpy and pals - they really make a nice addition, don't they? Good luck on your journey. What a wonderful adventure for the two of you. I have also decided to take some time to travel and you've inspired me with your blog. Hope to have one up and running shortly.
    You may not remember me, but I bet you recall spending a lovely afternoon with my daughter Rachel last year when Dave & Janice brought her to the East Coast. Appreciated!!
    Elizabeth had forwarded your blog to the family and I immediately clicked in from my travel spot in the UK. Thanks for a delightful read. All the best on your journey, Jan Nagy
    (ps pls disregard the "test" blog address Vi-Curious ... new one soon)