Friday, October 14, 2011

Charleston to Brunswick, Georgia

Well, we've had three very long days. Ina a nutshell, we left Charleston 3 days ago and followed the ICW through some more swampland and anchored in a little isolated creek called Tom Point Creek. From there we left in very dense fog for the open ocean 6 miles away and once we got to the inlet the fog cleared. It was quite choppy for 6 miles until we got through the surf and into some deeper water ... yeah right ... 27 feet deep at 18 miles off the coast. The seas were about 3-4 feet on the nose so we just jammed our way along until we got to Savannah.

The Savannah River is 17 miles long up to the city so we opted to anchor just inside the mouth and up a small creek.

This morning we left Savannah and after 11 hours, arrived in Brunswick, Georgia. We're only 15 miles from the Florida border, so tomorrow will be a short day offshore to Fenandina Beach, Fla. where we'll stop and get some badly needed rest.

Today I took this picture ... enjoy.


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