Monday, October 10, 2011

Isle of Palms Marina

Well, since there's nothing else to do, I took a couple of photos of the marina here. Not a bad place.

Now all we need is some nice weather again. I think I'll change the oil this afternoon ... booooring !!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. For us? ... ours down here isn't until November 30th, but then we'll be in Barbados for that one.

Yesterday we drove down to Savannah to check the place out. The historic downtown area appeared very old but very run down as well. Not nearly as nice as Charleston. Just a whole different attitude as well ... Must be all those boiled peanuts .. YUK !!

Well, today is the Thanksgiving storm of the south. It's been blowing a constant 35-40 so far and supposed to get worse. We had bands of rain last night so this storm isn't far off being a hurricane except that the pressure isn't low enough. We're tied up at the Isle of Palms Marina about 18nm (nautical miles) from Charleston... broadside to the wind, so we're doing a bit of rocking around and our poor fenders are now only about 3" thick from the pressure on them. Guess we have a couple more days here. Anyway, we're safe and NOT going outside as the surf alone is over 10 feet today. Have a good turkey dinner.

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