Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16th - Back in Black Point Settlement

For everyone who was asfraid that we had been eaten by sharks, left to die on some deserted island, or locked up in some Cuban Jail and left to die ...... NOT TRUE !!!
We've been to some very nice deserted anchorages for the past week where there were no people, never mind no internet. On top of that, our new RadioLabs antennae broke last week and we were left with nothing.

So, since our last email, we left Georgetown a week ago and headed north to Black Point for the night then further north again to Big Majors Spot Island for a couple days of snorkeling, swimming, swimming with pigs (real ones) having sundowners and chatting with friends on the beach.
After a few days of that it was north again to a beautiful anchorage behind Cambridge Cay (Lat 24 18N Long 76 32.5W)
This morning we had to depart our anchorage and head back south to Black Point Settlement to reprovision, water up, and await Kelly and Ryan on the 21st in Staniel Cay.
We had to say goodbye to our cruising friends Chris & Brenda (Tango), George & Marianne (Wet Wings), Klaugs & Rose (Gypsy Rose), Darius & Cathy (Breeze Hunter), and Roger & Jackie (Audacious). We had a great time cruising with them all but now they have to head north to the Abacos. Hopefully, we'll meet up again with some of them after Kelly & Ryan fly back home on the 29th.

So, Lets get back to being in Georgetown .......
We found this terrific beach called "Flip Flop Beach" ..... so named because apparently that's all they wear there. Fortunately for all of us, there were no nudists there, everyone was gone.
On the beach, the cruisers (nudists) had constructed this great little shelter, so they wouldn't get burned, and we used it for our get together and picnic lunch. There were about a dozen of us and the food and refreshments were plentiful.

Like I said, the beach was wonderful, but this poor guy just couldn't wait for the tide to come in before diving in.

I told George (on Wet Wings) that he should try to steal one of this guy's fins because they were in better shape than his!
The next day Ron went mountain climbing up to the monument. What a great view from there.

Stocking Island is quite the place for cruisers and has three hurricane holes, as you can see.

The view down the hill towards our boat was also breathtaking.

Here we are just to the right of the trawler. As you can see, it's very sheltered on our side of the island but the waves on the east side are over 12 feet high.
So, after a steep climb back down the hill, we rested before heading out from Georgtown for the trip back north towards Black Settlement on Big Guana Cay. Enroute we entered the banks again from the ocean through Cave Cay Cut. There was a moderate rip current (about 6 foot waves) coming out the cut agains us but we managed it OK.
Once inside we detoured around inside Musha Cay (owned by David Copperfield) and took in the beautiful beaches and bright tranquil waters.

Now that we're back on Exuma Bank and in the lee of all the cays it is easy sailing back up to Big Majors Spot Island to the north of Staniel Cay. This is a fantastic anchorage with three pure white beaches and is noted for its swimming pigs ..... That's right ... pigs .... and they weigh about 150 pounds a piece.
When you take the dingy in to the beach you have to be very careful as these mothers will try to board you and could easily flip you over as they attempt to steal your food.

You'd better be armed with a sandal or something to beat their noses to make them back off. These pigs are excellent swimmers and will often swim a hundred yards or more out to your boat if they think you have food.

After an exciting morning of hog watching and some snorkeling for conch, it was time to relax on our beach with many friends we've met on our trip.

I know .... we seem to party on beaches alot ..... but that's not really true ..... these are strategy sessions where we discuss what we've done and what our future plans are....... and if you don't have any, you make them up .... HAHAHAHA !!!!

So, after Big Majors .... and I hope all you guys are googling this stuff, it was north to Cambridge Cay with our friends for a few days. We saw Johnny Depp's private island and Belle Island that is owned by the Aga Khan.

For the rest of this weekend until next Wednesday, we're here in Black Point Settlement on Great Guana Cay eagerly awaiting the arrival of our daughter Kelly and her fiance Ryan ..... 4 more sleeps guys.

Ron & Jan

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