Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 29th - More on Nassau

I've been telling you about a lot of things that we've seen and done over the past eight months since we left home. Just to let you know that I'm only touching on the highlights.
Now, here we are in Nassau, in the Bahamas and this is the first time I've EVER seen something like this .....

The guy in the white shirt? ... He WAS our bus driver. We're all on the bus ready to head back down Bay Street when the police stopped him, made him shut off the bus and "walk a staight line!" .... after which they promptly arrested him for drunkenness while driving a public bus. Go figure!!!
So we had to wait for another bus.
What next ??? A little sightseeing....
Here at government house is the remnants of Prince Harry's visit a few weeks ago. They really had things done up nicely.

On the way past the straw market Kelly decided that she wanted something else so in we all went, to be accosted by the sellers once again.

Looks painful, doesn't it?
Day three in Nassau began with a trip in our rental car .... we'd had enough of drunk bus drivers .... Just kidding .... and in to downtown again enroute to the Junkanoo Museum. For those of you who don't know what Junkanoo is, I encourage you to Google it. It sounds like a great time.
For those of you who don't know how to use "Google", her's what it's all about.

The museum displays an assortment of the various costumes used in the parade over the years. They're very elaborate and many of them have won awards.
While we were there, we were given the pleasure of watching a group of young students as they made their "parade hats" in the workshop.

Upon completion they were all herded out into the back yard to conduct their own Junkanoo Parade, dressed in their special hats and carrying large drums, whistles, cow bells or Kaliks, and the girls were in front showing off as dancers to lead the parade.
We, as visitors were also issued whistles and told to make "a racket".

Off we go in our little tiny car over to Paradise Island to visit ATLANTIS. This huge resort houses a gigantic aquarium and marine park, along with the thousand or so rooms and nice beaches.

The room on the bridge rents out for $25,000 US per night.

Some of the weirdest creatures can be seen in the aquarium.

I don't know who was more intrigued by who .... fish ... or Ryan?

There were sharks of all sizes, manta rays and large sawfish.

After a long day, Ron had had enough and wanted to go home.

So with a little persuasion it was back to the boat for the last night in Nassau for Kelly and Ryan.
Today, we managed to find the airport in time for their flight back home to Halifax. Jan and I spent the rest of the day watering up, fueling up, and provisioning the boat for our departure early in the morning for Spanish Wells on the northern tip of Eleuthera .... some 40 miles to the northeast of Nassau.
We were treated to a spectacular fireworks display this evening, a fine way to remember our stay in Nassau!
Have yourselves a good night.

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