Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26th - Green Turtle Cay

Lat: 26 46N Lon: 77 20W

We departed Treasure Cay around 10am and headed for Green Turtle Cay. The weather was perfect .... man, it's always perfect .... just on the nose all the time. The "Whale Report" on the morning net was favourable so today was the day.
Approaching Whale Cay Cut we could see about 25 other boats heading in the same direction. The swells were only about three feet high coming in off the Atlantic Ocean. As they bounced off the east side of the cay, it made it a little choppy in the confused waves. I can see now why you never go out there in the wrong conditions.

This rock was actually at the end of Whale Cay but you can see the clear blue water. To the left of it, the depth is only 2 feet so there's no cutting corners.

Well, here we are. We entered the narrow channel in White Sound and went up to the end to the Green Turle Club Marina and Resort where we tied up for the night.

It's a good deal here for dockage as the amount of your restaurant and bar tab is deducted from your dockage until your dock is free. However, this is a little misleading as we thought that anything over the dockage rate had to be paid(ie. the difference), but the way they do it is to add the restaurant bill to your dockage then they subtract the dockage, so you still have to pay the restaurant bill. Makes sense after you think about it.
This little community in New Plymouth is much the same as the others in the Abacos. You mainly drive golf carts around the little narrow streets and the houses are brightly painted.

This large church overlooks the harbour.

Everyone likes their little white fences.

As you come down over the hill in your rented golf cart you're faced with a very neat and clean cemetery on the left and a wonderful bakery on the right.

Not much of a main street business section here but there are some stores.

As the good book (Explorer Charts) says "The one settlement on the island, New Plymouth, is rich in history and charming with much to offer cruisers in terms of necessities as well as frills".

Believe it or not, there is a very large boat yard with haulout facilities complete with 50 ton travel lift and an excellent Yamaha marine dealer on Black Sound. The sound is quite small but has a quaintness about it. You have to enter on high tide as there is a sand bar at the entrance. Once inside you can see the many boats at anchor and on moorings.

There are a couple marinas and the Leeward Yacht Club inside.

Although small, the yacht club offers a little bar with a great view of the harbour and a small swimming pool in front of it.

Like I said, this place is small and we've pretty well covered it all.

We first learned of some of these places from past famous Dartmouth Yacht Club voyageurs like Ron & Chris Hurst, Pat & Ted Haight, Randy Sherman & Susan Brown, and Dave & Paula Gaetz along with the many cruising friends that we've made in the past year. All your help is appreciated ....

But now it's time to leave and work our way back towards the United States. It's our plan to work our way north and west along Grand Bahama Island to Great Sale Cay for the night tomorrow.

Safe Sailing Everyone.

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