Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter From Marsh Harbour, Bahamas

Yesterday, Easter Sunday has come and gone and Wind Warrior 1 is safely tucked in at the Marsh Harbour Marina in the Abacos. I say tucked away as we had quite a rough trip getting here from Harbour Island and Spanish Wells with very high seas and a huge swell. Along the way oone of our steering cables broke and we had to restle the boat for about 5-6 hours with a rudder that would not go to port...... so as the Bahamians here in Marsh Harbour told us on the radio... "Don't worry mon. If she won't go to port, then go to starboard. You'll just get there from the other direction". It sure made me laugh. Anyway, tomorrow, being Tuesday I'll round up some parts and we can replace the cable and continue on our journey. I saw a woman in a tee shirt today that said "Attitude is governed by Latitude". How very true. On this Easter Monday, all is well in Marsh Harbour so I thought I'd attach this video clip of what we're seeing for you to enjoy. Ron & Jan

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