Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10th - Yarmouth to Mahone Bay, NS

The Nova Scotia Palm Tree .....
This native tree has been prized by Nova Scotians since the beginning of time. It has no large nuts to land on your head .... no large leaves which shade you from the hot sun ..... and it's fallen branches make for excellent beach fires.
This fine specimen can be found at the head of the beach on Backman's Island in Mahone Bay. (Can you tell we've been gone too long?)

We departed Yarmouth last week and started working our way back home. The trip down through the Tusket Islands and around Cape Sable Island was a blast. The 4 knot outgoing tide from the Bay of Fundy ran us through at an amazing 12.4 knots. However, at the end of every rainbow there is not always a pot of gold. Here the swift currents met the Atlantic Ocean and created huge waves, similar to the rages we experienced in the Bahamas.

These seas built quickly to about 11 feet, but they were over as fast as they began.

One of our favourite yacht clubs on the southwestern shore has always been the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club. Darlene, Jason and the rest of the staff have always treated us well and accommodated our every need over the past number of years. We stopped there and lane & Tina drove down for a visit. After a couple days they offered us a ride back to Halifax for a few days of well deserved rest while we left Wind Warrior on a mooring ball. After a weeks rest at home Don & Heather offered us a drive back to Shelburne where we continued our trip up the coast stopping at Liverpool, NS at the Brooklyn Marina, then on to our own cruising grounds in Mahone Bay.
It's been some four years since we cruised Mahone Bay so we're spending some time here. Here we're anchored at Backman's Island.

Backman's has many NS Palm trees lining its shores. The many islands and clear relatively warm waters, along with the many beaches make this a cruising destination not to be missed. We've been cruising here with friends for years.

As you approach the village of Chester, the shores are lined with some fine homes situated to overlook the bay.

You can see why Backman's is one of our favourite anchorages. It's always so pristine.

Our kids spent many hours on this point when they were young flying their kites.
The south has their pelicans that you have to watch out for. We have our own version.

The sunsets here are as beautiful as anywhere.

This weekend "Wind Warrior" is securely and peacefully sitting on a mooring that Mike lent us in Gold River.
We've gone home for the weekend.

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