Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21st - Cape Cod to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Our trip up through Cape Cod Canal was uneventful but also exciting as we had the 4 knot current on our stern for the entire way. After leaving the canal, it was a slight turn to port and off we went up to Gloucester, Mass. Gloucester is a very historic fishing town and it's very full of boats of all sorts.
The trip up was relatively calm for the first 2/3rds and it was hot, so it was time for a long overdue shower. No boats around ..... off we go to the foredeck and hang up the sun shower .... Jan's turn....

We didn't take any pictures in Gloucester. We were too busy rounding everyone up and heading into town for supper.
The next morning it was up again early for the 60 mile run up to Cape Porpoise Harbor. We finally made it to Maine. Land of the lobster traps. Cape Porpoise Harbor is a small harbor that is absolutely full of boats. Most are fishing boats for, you guessed it .... lobster.

We managed to make our way in through the trap buoys and anchor in some prime real estate right beside this floating palace .... I mean outhouse! What a novel idea ... No showers though!

Next morning it was up and at'm again early. Boy are we making time or what? Not seeing much, just putting those miles under the keel. The next stop was Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Did I mention busy? Man, there were double the amount of boats in here, and TEN TIMES the amount of lobster traps. One guy at the fuel dock was boasting that he had 1600 traps set and the Fed's hadn't caught him yet. There were even traps all through the mooring field. This is nuts!
Try navigating your way through this main channel in the dark or in the fog!

We arrived in Boothbay Harbor just before supper, fueled up and headed out to our mooring. Stop the boat Jan ..... OK ..... what the hell is that?
THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! "I think the shaft broke or something!" Oh well, time for a dive with the knife. Yup ...... another lobster trap line, only this time wrapped around the shaft and the knots were making a thumping noise every time they hit the skeg. I'm glad the water is still relatively warm. Fifteen minutes later the line was cut away and all was well again. Time for supper and an early night.

These places are very pretty, as is the Maine coast. We have to stay longer and see the place next time.
Bzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! You guessed it. The alarm clock. Time to go again. Only one last stop in Maine before we make our crossing back to Nova Scotia on Sunday June 24th. The reason we've been hurrying is that a cold front is coming up the coast and the forecast is for bad weather for a week.
Off we go again through the myriad of brightly coloured lobster pots and further up the coast to Swan Island in Penobscot Bay where we found this lovely little harbor completely covered with ... you guessed it .... more brightly coloured lobster traps! They are everywhere .... and you can walk ashore by stepping on them.

..... and what would lobster traps be without lobster fishermen .... up at the crack of dawn to start harvesting the catch.

Time to get going again. The NOAA forcast is SW winds 5-10 knots diminishing to light and variable winds. We didn't know that NOAA really doesn't care what happens outside the 3 mile limit!
The run to Yarmouth, N.S. was only 114 nautical miles. Piece of cake as we've aready logged 5,240 nautical miles this trip since Aug 31st. Well, as we passed the 3 mile limit, the wind rose to 20 knots and the seas quickly built to 5-6 feet, but they were on our stern so it was just a bit uncomfortable. Nothing we couldn't easily handle.
"LAND HO" !!! There she was, dead ahead ..... Nova Scotia! Land of many rocks and few lobster trapss. Coast Guard voices that we could finally understand when making their broadcasts. Ahhhhh, Home Sweet Home!

We made it. We're docked in Yarmouth.

Yesterday, we received an email from Randy Sherman and Susan Brown inviting us to their home in Lake Annis, about 25 minutes outside of Yarmouth. They are friends from Dartmouth Yacht Club who made the trip to the Bahamas and down into the Caribbean for the past 7 years. They figured we could use a good meal, hot shower, and a warm bed for the night.
Thank you so much guys! We'll take you up on that one.

So, I guess this nearly closes the book on our trip to the Bahamas 2011-2012. We're back in NS and intend to cruise our local waters until we arrive back at Dartmouth Yacht Club on August 1st. It ain't over 'til it's over!
The totals: 5,350 nautical miles travelled in 248 days.
Yes Guys, we're back. You can go ashore now!! IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!

Ron, Jan, Pancho, Timmy, Grumpy, Suzie and Val (the Bear) aboard s/v Wind Warrior I

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