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After a rough couple of days held up in a relatively sheltered anchorage behind Belle Island it was time to leave and head south to Little Bay. We’d had enough of strong winds and standing anchor watches two nights in a row as the wind howled a steady 25-30 knots. Finally, the front had blown through and it was time to leave.

After a quick twelve mile trip down the island chain past Staniel Cay and Black Point Settlement, we arrived at one of our favourite beaches in Little Bay, just south of Black Point Settlement. It had been a long past couple of days and we were all in need of a good rest.

After a couple drinks, Lew was in the mood for a little chilling out.
The sky was still cloudy but it was still very warm. Enough that we were able to go for a walk followed by an afternoon at the beach.
While Jan got ready, Ron & Lew took a dinghy ride around the point and stopped at Jean & Doug’s castle where Jean eagerly gave us half a bag of fresh tomatoes & peppers from her garden.
 There are two anchorages in Little Bay…… both well sheltered in any winds except from the west. We chose the northernmost anchorage as the wind was blowing from the northwest and was supposed to veer to the north. The cliff would give us good shelter.
As you can see the anchorage was extremely crowded with boats…..oops…. wrong dream!! We had the place all to ourselves.

Both anchorages have beautiful beaches.

A quick trip to the hilltop enabled me to show you just how pristine and beautiful this area is and Wind Warrior lies here in peace
A view out from the beach shows just how clear the water is as our tender gently floats in knee deep water and Wind Warrior sits on her anchor in 14 feet of water.
So, as we sit here enjoying a few cold ones we wish you all the best.
Tomorrow, it’s back up to Big Majors Cay for the night before heading in to Staniel Cay Yacht Club on Friday for fuel, food and some MORE relaxation before Lew has to fly home to Halifax.
(Gotta love the umbrella!!)
February 13th We arrive at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.
We fueled up then proceeded to our berth. It was such a beautiful day……..
The dinghy landing area is very protected as you can see.
The dining room has been completely redone but it took away some of its former charm
After a great meal it was time to party. Everyone on the marina knew without a doubt that we were Nova Scotians. The Best of Atlantic Canada, McGinty, John Gracie and other great Maritime bands graced the air with our own vocals and spoons singing out.
To all this the local sharks had arrived to swim to the music.
How can such a beautiful evening turn completely into a terrible night with two foot waves beating on us all night. It was time to say “Good-bye” to our good friend Lew Page and get out of there as the wind was again building and he had a flight to catch. With help from the dock hands we were able to back out and head over to the protected anchorage at Pirate Beach on Big Majors Cay.
This morning (Sunday) it was off to the beach as all the cruisers headed in for an impromptu get together with live music from an electric piano, sax and great vocals all powered through a high quality sound system.
Jim from Valkyrie on the keyboard and his wife, Belle singing out the tunes.
The sax player was extremely good. The dinghies were all lined up off the beach and Wind Warrior sat comfortably at her anchor in the top right of the picture.
There was plenty of food and new friends were made. Today was a great day and tonight we’re in for another beautiful sunset.
Tomorrow morning Wind Warrior is heading north to Cambridge Cay again to dodge about four days of very strong winds. This seems to be the story of our trip this year.
We just got an email from our friends Jon & Joan Cockerline who are now anchored at Allens Cay and hoping to hook up in the next couple of days when we get back this way.
By the way …. You can always tell a Canadian boat by its hockey stick …. GO LEAFS !!


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