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March 3rd – Still At Big Majors Spot

March 3rd – Still At Big Majors Spot

Big Majors Spot is about a mile north of Staniel Cay, but as you all have followed our adventures for the last three years you know exactly where it we are.The weather down here has finally settled in to what it should be. Easterly winds at 15 – 20 knots with lots of sun and hot temperatures in the 80F range. Unfortunately, easterly winds bring big seas on the ocean side so everyone is stuck on the banks, so to speak and Georgetown is getting harder to get to. Friends of ours from NS came up from Georgetown the other day and even though the sea state was suppose to be 3-4 feet they had approximately 8 feet for the whole day.
So, here we sit at anchor in a beautiful, well protected anchorage, with three beaches close by…….. well need I go on?
So, I’ll give you a brief update on our activities since the last update.
The view from Pirate Beach gives you an idea just how popular this place is. Most of these boats are Canadian. Everyone is totally relaxed, including Sophie the dog on the front of the paddle board. Wind Warrior is just ahead of the paddler.

 Jan is looking great in her new duds and has been feeling much better lately.

We started our day out with a good feed of fresh coconut bread French toast ……. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Just about a quarter mile north of our anchorage is the famous Fowl Cay Resort. It must be a well kept secret because we’ve never in four years seen anybody there. We met someone on the beach the other day who went there for supper and the cost was US $140 per person. No wonder there’s nobody there. I’d hate to see the cost of the little cottages.
Since we’ve been sitting here for a while, every few days we take a run into Staniel Cay Yacht Club for a pool day. A nice soaking in fresh water is always welcome.

Yesterday, our friends Jon & Joan, on board “Jessie Gray” and Jan & I decided it was time to do some dinghy exploring. We were heading north through the little cut just right of the Fowl Cay Resort (World Famous) and headed north about 5 miles passed the islands of Sampson Cay, Over Yonder Cay with its huge wind generators and up into Pipe Creek where we passed between The Rat (Rat Cay) and the Mice before turning south at Little Pipe Cay to head back home. The whole trip took about 2 hours.
Our first passing was through Sampson Cay. The pure white sand bars and shallow passages made it fun in the dinghies.
John and Joan went on ahead of us for a short while then followed us because we had the chart.

Sampson Cay was our next stop. The Cay was bought out by a private individual who decided to close the marina and resort which is really a shame. What a waste of a beautiful area. You can see the white sand that makes it so beautiful.
As we made our approach you could see the beauty of this place and the tranquil setting.
Why would somebody just close off such a beautiful place to other people. I can understand not wanting to run the marina but they are attempting to keep everyone away from there and have put up huge “Private Island-No Trespassing” signs everywhere.
As we proceeded north, the next Cay was Over Yonder Cay. There are a couple huge mansions, a private marina and three huge windmills on this Cay.
By the way….. I’m going to put a map of our route at the end so that you have to go back and read all this again……. Hehehe.
After passing Over Yonder Cay, we passed between Rat Cay and the Mice stopping to chat with some folks who were anchored there, before rounding the north point and heading home passed the lighthouse. You know Jan and her lighthouses!

But first you have to see the vastness of Pipe Creek with its many sand banks and small navigable channels. On the chart it looks very small.

What a great day it was……. Do you see any clouds??
After getting back to Big Majors it was beach time and a nice cool swim in the 84F waters…… hehehe. Ron & Jon took the cameras and got a few great shots. How Ron ever  found this little cave is a miracle.
 These pre-historic looking creatures are found on the coral. I don’t know if they're living or not.
So, with every great picture there comes a price. Ron decided to walk up a coral pathway behind Pirate Beach to see if he can’t get some more nice pics. There wasn’t much up there. So on the way back down, not wanting to cut his bare feet to shreds he is concentrating on is footing….. All of a sudden BANG!!! as he walks straight into a branch and cuts his forehead along with the swelling. Now I know how my mom (Ron’s) felt each time she walked into a door.

Back on the boat the hot sun was beaming in so Ron decided to try out his new sun-shade that he made last summer. It fits and does the trick.



Talk to you soon everyone.

Ron & Jan

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