Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Bye New York ... Hello Atlantic City, NJ

We departed Atlantic Highlands at 10am and headed out into 4 foot seas trying to get around Sandy Hook. Once there we started running with the seas and the wind on the quarter. Within minutes everything flattened out…. 102 foot seas and bright sunshine….again…. with the wind out of the NW at about 10 knots. Man, it must have been funneling straight out of New York Harbour. At 20 miles south of New York City you could still see the Manhattan skyline.

We had a wonderful day of motoring in calm seas down the Jersey Coast. Did I mention that from one end to the other it’s just one big….. no, huge beach with high sand dunes right up to the houses…… and piles of water towers. We should have counted them all.
As you come down the coast, you really don’t want to hit bad weather as there are only 3 places that have inlets from the ocean.
So, we completed our 96 mile day today in 12 hours and are now anchored right dead center in Atlantic City Harbour…… all by ourselves… in 10 feet of water… right below the Trump Taj Mahal hotel and a few other big ones as well.

Talk about something bazaar…… here you have this long, flat coast with nothing but miles of beach and homes and all of a sudden you come on this huge city full of lights with all the casinos and buildings lit up all night long.
I’d love to go for a walk down the famous boardwalk but we won’t have time tomorrow as we’re leaving early for Cape May at the entrance of Delaware Bay. Perhaps we’ll rent a car there and drive back here for a day of sight-seeing.

Pat Haight told us that you could see Atlantic City from a long way off…… well, we picked it up at 20 miles and after it got dark, you couldn’t miss it…
Lights everywhere including one giant building that is being used as a billboard of neon lights. That’s the blue and white one on the right. We could actually read the printing and watch the video adds from 10 miles away. Talk about entertainment!!

Tomorrow morning it’s off to Cape May…. 46 miles further down the coast where we’ll put in, stock up a little in preparation for the 80 mile trip up Delaware Bay to the C&D Canal over to Chesapeake Bay.

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