Thursday, September 15, 2011

New York City - Sucked in and Spit Out

That's right. We got sucked down the East River and past Hells Gate and spit right out the bottom of the harbour at a speed of 10 knots.

Sept 14th

We're now at Atlantic Highlands, NJ south of NY. Jan finally got to see the Statue of Liberty and said it was impressive. I liked the skyline of Manhattan.
New York kind of sucked us in from the north and spit us out to the south. 9.9 knots all the way through. It's really hot here right now and I'm sweating to death.
There are about 200 boats on moorings in here.

It all started on our approach to New York City...

The planes! Going into LaGuardia... buzzing in over our heads, a few feet off the water before landing on the strip on the water. That's not bad enough... they take off over our heads as well and bank to the right as they are not allowed to go over the city. I prayed for every plane that took off (I prayed they would stay in the air and not fall on us! Same as the planes landing... no landing in the river when I was in it!!!

The buildings on the east river have been built right out over the river.
……… and the Empire State Building certainly stands out well above the entire city.

Quite a rush coming through Hell Gate! Saw the Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, the Hospital for Special Surgery (right on the water) and NY City Medical Centre that were all very impressive. Went past Rikers Island...YIKES! A body would be hard pressed to escape from there with all the fencing and razor wire! QUITE A SCARY, INTIMIDATING PLACE!
The bridges... the Queensboro, (both the car bridge and train bridge), the Williamsburg Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhatten Bridge, (it also had gondolas for communiting back and forth from downtown Manhatten across the river)

Running under the Brooklyn bridge at 10 knots was a rush.

Lady Liberty is everything I expected. WOW!

Lower Manhattan from the water looks like a bunch of lego blocks.

Now... the vessel traffic! Crazy... holy snappin! I thought at one point they were going to run us down what with all the ships and ferries... dear God there must be a zillion ferries!!!
Finally we got through and passed under the Verazano Bridge. The water was so rough in the harbour we thought for sure that it would be worse on the way to Atlantic Highlands. Once through the bridge and all the traffic left behind, it was a lovely motor on calm seas.

Here we sit on mooring T-6, in Atlantic Highlands, having a light drink of rum!
They have showers here and I see one in my future tonight!

As we were coming into here I learned how to navigate by posts in the mud with triangles! Sheesh!

Hard to believe that this morning we were sitting here in bathing suits and tonight in the mooring field it's blowing 35 to 40 knots with waves breaking over the top of a 6 foot breakwater. They're a good two feet on our side of the breakwater. On the bright side, we had an incredible sunset once again and if the rhyme is correct then we're in for a beautiful day tomorrow to head down the Jersey coast to Atlantic City.

Hope everyone is having as good a time as us.

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