Monday, November 11, 2013

Oct 20th, 2013 Georgetown, SC to Beaufort, SC

October 20th, 2013 Georgetown, SC to Beaufort, SC.

6am came early and it was time to get going as we had a long trip today down to Beaufort, SC.

We were greeted by a beautiful sunrise as we departed Georgetown and entered the ICW to continue our journey.

After a quick jaunt down the Winyah Bay we departed the main channel to head down the Western Channel towards the narrow entrance to the ICW.

 Everyone was putting on a Happy Face that day as we were finally making some mileage and the weather was turning warmer. Jan had made up some fresh cinnamon buns for breakfast.
 Here we go again, but now we have pretty well passed the Carolina swampland and are transitioning into the South Carolina marshlands.
 After a quick stop at the Isle of Palms Marina for fuel and a nights rest we are off again to cross Charleston Harbor…….. but  first….. a few more bridges and more barges to watch out for as they have right of way in these narrow places.
 Another bridge opens up for Jon as we passed Charleston enroute for Elliot Cut and the 5 knots of current that we had to defeat. This was the first time we had to run the engine full speed to make a measly 1.2 knots. The strong head on current made it very hard to steer the boat.
 All three boats survived that one and continued on to our destination for the night at Tom Point Creek where Jan & I had anchored before. It was very well sheltered and at 17 feet deep it made for a nice anchorage.
 We arrived in Beaufort,  on October 21st. The day before Jan’s Birthday.

 Our tour of this civil war town took us through quiet streets, huge live oaks coved in Spanish moss and the many well preserved homes.
Our “wagon master” told us of a story where he had a group of folks from New Jersey. One woman told him that the city should get  its act together and clean up all this Spanish Moss from the trees.

Here our guide prepares to pick up his next load of tourists. 
October 22nd, 2013 – Beaufort SC - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN !!!!

The weather was fine and we had a great day. Jon,  Joan and Asia got together with Ron to set up a surprise birthday party for Jan on their boat “Jessie Grey”.
We snuck a cake onto the boat during the afternoon and at that special moment we all brought out our gifts for her. From Ron……. A glass lighthouse….. from Asia and Bob ….. a new watch, and from Jon & Joan…. A special glass Christmas ornament.

What a great evening!!
It’s been a great trip so far with many new stops with new friends.

Even though we’d done this trip before, it’s the trip that makes it fun….. not just the destinations.

Tomorrow, we leave the Carolinas and enter Georgia.

See Y’all later


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