Monday, November 11, 2013

Southport to Georgetown, SC

October 16th, 2013 - Southport to Georgetown, SC

Our trip today took us outside on the mighty North Atlantic Ocean for a 40 nautical mile trip down to the Little River Inlet on our way to Myrtle Beach. This treacherous piece of water has taken the lives of so many........ fish, grasshoppers......Oh OK. The weather was perfect. We only had 6 inch waves and no seas. We had a little fog for the first couple of hours then it was perfect.... and hot.
The colourful homes along this stretch were quite "interesting" to say the least.
 Did I mention that we had more bridges to go under? Jon will never make it to Florida. He's a nervous wreck already....... DING, DING, DING!! Whew, he made it under this one OK.

                                                                       Now that's close!!
The VHF antenna was bent right over at a 90 degree angle each time it hit the girders.
Now that we've passed the golf capital of SC at Myrtle Beach, we're back in America's swampland until we reach America's marshland a little further south.
As we proceed through this mixture of swampland, forest and civilization, we see a lot of very long docks protruding out into the waterway.
 You meet all kinds of different types of boats on the ICW. Here's a relic that's been given a new life as a yacht.
You find advertising signs nailed to trees everywhere. 
I guess you'd get your arse wet here if someone was passing by at a fast speed. Well, that eliminates the need for toilet paper, I guess. Even the swamp folks have to go sometime.
With Haloween rapidly approaching, even the trees are looking a little "goolish". Man this place could be really spooky in the evening.

So, on we go to our next destination........ Georegetown, SC. The town that was saved from the ravages of the civil war by General Sherman as they burn't every town in site. Why did they save Georgetown...... because he liked it there. The only trouble now is that, as Sherman approached from north, the townfolk moved all the records and land deads to an adjacent town that they figured would be bypassed....... Oops, wrong move, that town was raised and Georgetown was spared. Even today, no-one has legal title to their land as all the records disappeared in the fire.


Tomorrow we continue on through Charleston to Beaufort (pronounced BEE YOU FERT!), South Carolina.

See Y'all

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