Sunday, November 10, 2013

Snows Cut to Southport, SC

After an early start from Wrightsville Beach we passed by Carolina Beach and entered Snow's Cut.

We passed by the Wrightsville Beach Cut and noticed that even though this was a Thursday, nobody seemed to be at work. They were all at the beach or out fishing.

The currents in this cut can be treacherous and reach speed of 3 knots with whirlpools. You really want to be running with the current when passing through here.

Snow's Cut looks very narrow as you approach from the north and is lined with huge sand dunes and pine trees.

It is very picturesque and the locals their chances on fishing in here as well.

I told you earlier about Jon's Hunter 41 with the 63 foot mast....... well he was really going to be nervous when he saw this bridge sign on a bridge that was advertised at 65 feet.
At the Cape Fear River end of the cut things got a little confused as there were three channels all crossing at the same place and going in three different directions. You really had to pay attention to the navigation marks so you didn't end up aground.
After passing through Snow's Cut and into the Cape Fear River, with the tide ebbing we were very quick to pick up speed and sail down the river at a speed of 10-11 knots. You gotta love those currents when they're working in your favour.

We finally arrived at our destination for the day...... the Provision Company Wharf at Southport, NC. This gem has always been a favourite for us. The docks are adequate and as long as you buy a delicious meal here you get to stay the night for free.

Did I say "DELICIOUS"?  This $14 meal certainly made my day.

 One thing we weren't quite prepared for was the huge tides that they were experiencing here. As you can see, when we arrived at the dock it was an easy step straight across from the deck of the boat. At high tide you practically needed a ladder to step down to the dock as it appeared that the boat would soon be sitting on top of the dock.
Our fenders certainly weren't doing much to help out. At one point it looked like the boat was going to come right inside the restaurant.
         During our meal we noticed a change in the dress of the staff at the counter and in the kitchen...... THEY WENT FROM WEARING SNEAKERS TO DAWNING RUBBER BOOTS ! As they explained to us, it was a regular occurance when the tides are high like this.

                                         The kitchen floods and so does half the restaurant area.
Even the parking lot and local streets were under water.

So ends our stay at Southport, SC at the bottom of the Cape Fear River. With all the severe silting going on in the next part of the ICW, it's outside we go for a run down the coast to Little River Inlet and up to the marina at Barefoot Landing, at Myrtle Beach.

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