Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15th - New York City

WOW! WOW! AND MORE WOW'S!! That's all we can say. We got off the train just south of Times Square and we've NEVER seen anything like this in our lives.
We're here in New York City!! We're going to see it all ... In one day!!

Ok, well this is a little tacky, but you get the point.
TIMES SQUARE!!!! This place never dies and never gets dark. There are more gigantic LCD screens here than in the rest of the USA.

More people than in Canada!

And what would NYC be without TAXI's. Those yellow machines that fly down Broadway Avenue at 50 mph and congest every street ... but this is New York.

I fugure that if you removed all the taxi's that the streets would be bare.

Fist thing on the agenda ....... What would a visit to NYC be without seeing that towering palace in the sky that for so many years reached far into the sky higher than any other building ... the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!

It's up there so away we go. Up to the 86th floor. Man what a view!

How could all these tall buildings look so small to us up here?

The river you see in the picture is the East River that we had transited the day before on the way to Port Washington.
Looking south to lower Manhattan you can see the two new Freedom Towers and how they will soon dwarf the rest of the city.

Did I mention that I'm scared of heights? Well at least up here they have you caged in.

Back down at street level we continue our tour on Grey Lines Red double-decker bus. The architecture heading down into Lower Manhattan is very nice. Every building is different yet beautiful in its own way.

A walk around ground zero you look up to see just how immense the new Freedom Tower is.

We continued on our way past the dense housing in Chinatown.

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