Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18th - Port Washington to Maine

Over the entire length of our trip we've seen some spectacular sunsets. I thought I'd try to balance this one into the scenario ... hehehe.

On the way to Cape Cod we stopped for a night in Port Jefferson, on Long Island. This port is very well protected from the elements by a huge breakwater at its entrance. We didn't get ashore here because we were late arriving and tomorrow will be a long 12 hour day up to Point Judith. We re-fueled and watered up before going to anchor in the harbour. We thought we might get a marina for the night but on hearing $4.50 per foot at one marina and $12.00 per hour for the night we decided that anchoring wouldn't break the bank.
Did I say protected? Yeah right ..... I forgot about the ferry that runs half the night with it's respective large wake. No sleep for Ron last night.
We had a nice run up to Point Judith. There is a port of refuge behind a large breakwater there, but a lot of the rocks have been washed away and the sea could penetrate it making for a rolly night so we decided to go inside the port and find a spot. You never know what you'll find until you arrive. The port is named Galilee and the town across the river is Jerusalem. We tied up on the end of an old stinky fishing dock loaded with old dead fish. You never know where we'll tie up until we get there.

The cruising guide says that a long time ago before the villages had a name, a fisherman was standing on the dock when a stranger asked him what the name of this place was. He paused, then said "Galilee". When asked what the name of the place across the river was he said "Jerusalem". The names have stuck to this day.
By the way, the guy I bought the lobster from tonight was named Joshua.
I think we'll be safe in here tonight!!

This morning we awoke to a beautiful sunny day. We decided to head to Onset at the southern entrance to the Cape Cod Canal and catch the 4 knot current through the canal in the morning enroute to Gloucester, Mass. Enroute, we pulled into New Bedford, Mass where we got our original new engine and I ran in to pick up some new fuel filters. It was nice to only pay $9.95 each (I bought 4) instead of the $45 that Liftow charges in Dartmouth. I also got to drop in on Marty who owns the yard that replaced our engine. It was good to see him again.

Today, June 20th is supposed to be very hot at 100 degrees F. We stayed at the Pt. Independence Yacht Club in Onset last night. While at the mooring, I was trying to find a young man who towed us in last September and helped us a great deal. His name was John Finney and he had a lot of family in Halifax. He even offered us his home where we could take showers.
I was very saddened when I learned that he'd been killed in a sailboat accident earlier this summer. His wife had just had a baby in September.
We've made the decision to make our way up into Maine before making the crossing to Nova Scotia on Friday because it cuts the distance to less than half that from Provincetown, on the tip of Cape Cod.


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