Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16th - New York City

June 16th saw Jan & I taking the train back into NYC from Port Washington. Now that we understand the layout of the city and the streets this is really pretty easy.
What is a visit to New York without taking in a broadway musical. That's right, she finally got me to go to one, and not just any one. This had to be the longest running musical on Broadway .... THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA! I have to admit, it was extremely good ... the acting, the singing and all the backdrops were extremely professional.
Our show was at the Majestic Theater on W44th and Broadway.

Jan was in her glory. She finally got to make her life complete .... and I thought that meant just being married to me. All kidding aside, this show was definitely worth seeing

After the show we enjoyed a nice dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp ... hehehe, had a few drinks while looking out over Times Square then after one last photo op and it was time to leave.

We took the train back to Port Washington and got an early night in as we're headed off to Port Jefferson, Long Island, in the morning then up to Pt. Judith at the entrance to Newport, RI.

We had a great time visiting New York City. We only touched on the highlights but we got a flavour of the city. New York is not just a huge city, it is an experience that you quickly learn to love. It's nnot only about the lights and the traffic around Times Square, or the shows on Broadway. It's about the diversity of the people, the food and overall feeling you get while there. Like Jan says "It's a living, breathing entity with it's own heartbeat. You can feel it". Man, I wouldn't have thought of that.
While cruising we met a wonderful couple, Chuck & Maryanne, who live in Glen Cove, NY which is only a few miles from Port Washington. It's too bad they're still back in the Chesapeake Bay on their way home. It would have been fun doing all this with them on their own turf.
We'll have to do this again!!

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