Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10th - Staniel Cay

Lat: 24 10.5N Long: 76 26.5W
We departed Warderick Wells Cay and the weather was perfect (again) but don't worry, today it's blowing a storm.
Like I said, the weather was perfect and the water changed colours from a pure blue to emerald green. It was so clear that you could see what looked like lightning flashes on the bottom as the sun passed through the water.

We were actually motoring along here at 7 knots, even though it looks like we're stopped. Jan says that in her next life she's having a pool and the liner will look like this.
Sooooo..... Yesterday we landed in Staniel Cay.

We were able to grab a mooring just to the north of the village and well protected from all directions except from the southwest.
On the map, just about 100 feet to the south of us is a small island. Although it looks like a rock it's the most beautiful place in the world.
This is "THUNDERBALL GROTTO"! The place they used to film the James Bond movie "Thunderball" in 1964. There is a cave that you snorkel into at low water and inside is a huge grotto full of vibrant fish, brightly coloured corals and crystal clear water. FANTASTIC. When you dive down and look out the far end you can see the opening into the cave from the sea.

I copied these off the internet just so you can see what it looks like.

Earlier in the day Jan & I went for a walk to check out the airport. What a quaint little village of 100 people this is. Everything is brightly painted ....

Even the street signs are pretty

There is a small school here that is for all ages. You can see that not too many kids attend this school.

We continued our ten minute walk over to the airport. Pretty small but the 3000 foot runway is in great shape.
The passenger arrivals and departures lounge are very airy and spacious.
"Come on Kelly & Ryan, we're waiting for you"!!

.....and the airport limo aka. Dingy picks you up here.....

However, we have a marina rented for your arrival here ....

And what time do you get here ?????

Besides ........

If you don't show up, well, I guess we'll just have to saunter on home.

...... and get back to the Staniel Yacht Club

just in timne for LUNCH!!!!

We'll be staying here for another day of sightseeing, then heading down to Black Point Settlement when the wind lightens up.
Have a great night ......

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