Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25th - Georgetown to Long Island

LAT: 23 20N LON:75 09W

Today, at 0900, we crossed the Tropic of Cancer, and were now officially out of the sub-tropics and into the tropics ....!!!For those of you who don't remember, the Tropic of Cancer, located at latitude 23 30N is the most northerly point that the sun travels before heading back south to begin winter in the northern hemisphere.

You got it .... on the way across from Georgetown to Thompson's Bay on Long Island the line went ZZZZZINNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!
We had one.....However when I got it in, our Dolphin wasn't there ..... It was a three foot Barracuda .... and was he ever pissed off. You would be too if you had a big hook sticking out the top of your head.

These things fight you to the end and boy they have a lot more big teeth than I thought they did.

In the end, Ron was the champion. After dumping some vodka down the fish's throat it settled down and I was able to get the hook out. In the end I said "Good-bye" and tossed it over the side to hunt again.

The weather for our 40 mile trip down couldn't have been better .... calm seas and 5 knot s of wind, almost on the nose. The water was a beautiful translucent aqua-marine colour that we'll never forget.

Wind Warrior 1 is running very well now and we're really pleased with her. She likes this cruising thing now that we have everything working.

Jan is still hangin in there as captain .... Oh yeah ... this life is really tough on you.

So, today we're anchored in Thompsons Bay and are heading ashore to check things out. We expect to be here 4-5 days before heading back towards wherever. Oh yeah .... Now Cuba is only 100 miles away .... but we're not going there.

As a quick note ... Scott Hamilton is in Highborne Cay as of yesterday. He's having an issue with his transmission. Let's hope he gets that settled today so he can continue on down the Exumas.

Don't know the whereabouts of Dave and Paula Gaetz but we think they're up in the Abacos.

Last night at anchorage in Thompson's Bay the wind came up to 20-23 from the east but we were in a great anchorage .... just too far from town .... Sooooo, this morning we moved a lot closer and sit in 5'8" at low tide approximately 1/4 mile from the mail boat dock.

Tomorrow we're looking at renting a car for a few days to see the place.

Have a great snow day!

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