Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8th - Warderick Wells

Lat: 24 23N Long: 76 37.5W
We left Norman's Cay this morning and headed south to Warderick Wells, about 25 miles away. We have some bad weather coming on the weekend with Easterly winds of 25 knots forecast, so a decision was made to work our way south to Black Point Settlement (south of here) where we can anchor in good holding and good protection.
Boy, what an eye opener we got as we approached. When you Google Earth this area you'll see all these beautiful bright white sand bores that are brought in through the ocean cuts. Nobody told us that they're 5-10 miles long and only 3-4 feet deep. You're traveling down the recommended track in 18 feet of water when you see this absolutely stunning colour ahead and it seems to go on forever. It's really so hard to describe. We tried to cross one of these but the last 60 feet or so and the depth dropped down to 4 feet so we had to turn back .... Talk about heading east so you can go west.....

Basically you just follow along the edge until you get enough water to cross. So, now we're anchored just south of the park HQ's in 7 feet of water and ready for a swim ..... oh yeah, the 7 foot shark that just swam under the boat kind of squashed that idea. It was only a nurse shark, so NO TEETH!!

I took a run into the mooring field this morning and it's fantastic. A very narrow cut that runs around the sand bores that has about 10 feet of water and 15 moorings run by the Exuma Park HQ's. At $20 per day it's a pretty good deal. The beach inside the field is perfect ..... warm, very clear shallow water.

A walk up Boo Boo Hill gave me the opportunity to take some great shots.

Boo Boo Hill is the highest hill you can see in the background.

The top is piled with old boards displaying boat names and dates of boats who visited from teh past.

The water colours at the HQ's dock show you just how blue it is here. We're anchored about a mile outside this entrance to the left.

You know .... after all the planning and preparations we made, this really is an easy cruise now ..... and it sure is worth it.
Next stop ....Staniel Cay ...... sometime.

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