Friday, February 24, 2012

February 24th - Georgetown, The Exumas

LAT: 23 32N LON: 75 47W

Well, we've spent a week in Georgetown and it is a special community that really caters to the cruisers .... starting at the head of the dingy dock.

This small community has a liquor store, a couple small restaurants, a NAPA that's really big, two Canadian Banks, and a supermarket ...All making for a quaint setting.
Over on Stocking Island however .... that's where the action is.
It all centers around Volleyball Beach with the "Chat & Chill" being the main meeting area. What a great little bar.
The inside is covered with autographed tee-shirts, license plates, boat cards and just about anything else you can think of.

Along the beachfront is the main parking lot. They have placed pegs in the sand to tie up your dingy to while attending functions like playing volleyball, listening to other cruisers talk about their adventures or just hanging out.

We attended a seminar hosted by Bill on traveling to Cuba. He gave a very interesting talk and supplied cruising guides, charts and photo's that they'd taken on their recent trip. It was very informal and everyone had a good time.

Later in the day, Jan & I went for a little hike to the ocean side of the island. Man was it beautiful. We entered at Hamburger Beach and followed a trail through lush palm forest before coming out at the top of a 100 foot cliff and overlooked a beautiful beach.

Of course, Ron wasn't satisfied with stopping halfway up so he continued as was treated to spectacular views of both sides of the island.

Meanwhile, back on Volleyball Beach things were as peaceful as ever.

And everyone in the Chat & Chill were having a great time.

After a long day we decided to rest a while on our own personal beach at the base of the monument.
Oh yeah .... Three things you learn down here .... First, everyone has boat cards. Second, everyone has a zip lock bag for a wallet, and Thid, a cruisers drink is you open a can of diet coke .... take two mouth fulls out, then fill it up again with rum ... Mmmmmm .... the perfect mixture.

Lastly, you have to learn to relax.

See you all tomorrow ...

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