Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10th - Thunderball Cave

Hello Everyone ....

Here's where we are .... we're staying for a few days .... or more.

Today we're diving on "THUNDERBALL CAVE" that was used in the James Bond Movie. Tomorrow, we go to the beach on Big Majors and see the swimming pork chops .... mmmm .... I mean pigs .... heheheh. The water is crystal clear.

We are motoring along at 7 knots in 17 feet of water when I took these. Oh, yeah .... the antenna?? .... without that you guys get no more emails. It's good to about a mile from the base station.

Enjoy ....

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  1. hi ron will all ready to leave tomorrow morning and guess what doing my last garage run the outboard gave out, will off with the carb will try it in the daylite